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PATIN-A BlogBased on Experience

This blog shows how to patinate correctly, gives tips for the work in the costume department, shows the newest trends and introduces products and their use. 
The main focus lies on costume distressing, leather working and textile dyeing. We show trends of the trade and aids for costume design.

File Tabs for Working on a Script

A tidy file, a tidy mind…

For their day-to-day work film professionals absolutely need a script. 

To work with this script in a way that makes sense you stick a file tab on the right margin of each page at a new "scene" (scene 1, scene 2, scene 3, and so on) and write the number of the scene on it.
Place the file tab one under the other if possible in order to quickly find the scene you need. 

 As for most films there are many script days, each day can be marked with a different colour.

RemyTiketten - die praktischen Registeretiketten

They're finally back!

Until a few years ago, good stationery shops used to sell these much sought-after file tab. But obviously film professionals are a very small market and not lucrative enough for big companies.
Avery-Zweckform ceased production and left a big hole - from that moment on and for years we had to make do with "self made" adhesive strips in the script.  

The most affected departments were:
Actors, Direction -, Script- / Continuity-, Prop- and Costume Department.

Catia Remy, a prop master from Cologne, had the brilliant idea to develop and produce file tabs that meet precisely the needs of film professionals.
We're pleased to sell the RemyTiketten (their official name) quite exclusively - in five different colours - as a single sheet or in a set of five. 

 Remytiketten in 5 verschiedenen Farben

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