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PATIN-A Blog – Based on Experience

This blog shows how to patinate correctly, gives tips for the work in the costume department, shows the newest trends and introduces products and their use.
The main focus lies on costume distressing, leather working and textile dyeing. We show trends of the trade and aids for costume design.

B.O.B: The Odour Eliminator especially for Costumes 

from: PATIN-A | 25.05.19 | (0)
B.O.B. removes unpleasant odours

When it stinks to high heaven ...

How many times have you collected costumes after the performance or the shoot that reeked strongly of sweat? Unfortunately very often there's no time to bring the costumes to the cleaner's or to wash them before the next use.
Popular remedies like vodka only help to a limited extent and textile fresheners like Febreze just give the garments an even more disgusting smell and cover the actual culprit. 

B.O.B. fights all smells

A company in the USA has made it its business to fight odours of all kinds in a natural way.  
They created B.O.B.™ Body Odor Blocker - an odour eliminator especially for costumes.  
In the USA, B.O.B.™ enjoys cult status and is used by costumers in all areas. 
The costume departments of the big theme parks use B.O.B.™ on a regular basis for their larger-than-life character costumes (e.g. Mickey Mouse etc.). And in the film business too they do not want to miss its advantages any more (among others for the super hero costumes of Marvel and DC). 

Almost any costumer already had to deal with "fragrant" costumes. 
Whether for historical films, when costume parts for extras have to be used several times in a row - or uniforms which cannot be cleaned because of the patination - or in modern films. Designer jackets and delicate dresses may lose their beautiful shape through cleaning - or the leather jacket from the costume stock with its lining that smells strongly... 
There are a thousand reasons why a costume should not or cannot be cleaned.  

B.O.B. BodyOdorBlockout

This is where B.O.B. helps!

B.O.B.™ is a fine recipe of natural components and totally free of alcohol, enzymes or petroleum products.  
That makes B.O.B.™ completely harmless, very ecofriendly, pH-neutral (skin-friendly) and can be used on all common materials without any problems.  
The elimination of odours produces harmless, organic substances that oxidise and evaporate. All that remains is a fresh, clean and natural scent. 

Experience report from the costume department 

We get very positive feedback from the costume staff: 

"I was rather sceptical at first as I did not know anyone who had already tested it.
The bottle arrived here: very well packed with an extra spray head.
Then I tried the spray on a very sweaty dress. I leaved it overnight and the next day the 'smell' was gone.  
Other smelly jacket linings also became odourless. The only thing that did not work well were strongly reeking trainers. After treatment they still smelled of sweaty feet (but I have to say to Bob's defense that neither laundry nor other means could eliminate the odour). 
In conclusion, I can say that B.O.B deserves 10 stars. 
I shall recommend it and continue to use it. "

"We have been using B.O.B. for four weeks now and are absolutely thrilled.

Smells just evaporate and there is no disgusting residual odour or perfumed stench left in the garment.
I can recommend it 100 percent." 

"I had the chance to try this miracle product and it works.
The odour eliminator works with all bad smells and best of all: it really has no smell of its own! 
Full score from me and 10 stars"

"Great product easy to work with - B.O.B. did the job & im very pleased with the result.
Purchase can be summed up in one word EXCELLENT."

Maybe you would also like to share your experiences with B.O.B. with us? We would be very happy about your comment?


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