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PATIN-A BlogBased on Experience

This blog shows how to patinate correctly, gives tips for the work in the costume department, shows the newest trends and introduces products and their use. 
The main focus lies on costume distressing, leather working and textile dyeing. We show trends of the trade and aids for costume design.

Marta’s Tie-Dye tips:

Hi, anyone enjoying dyeing, my name is Marta and I’m showing you how easy it is to dye awesome rainbow spirals.

There are a lot of different tie-dye instructions.
I’ll show you how I do it. With my tips, anyone will get great results even if they tie-dye for the very first time.

This is what you need:

• a few DIN A-4- sheets
• a few strips of Sellotape
• warm water
• 1 large bowl
• 1 wire mesh (e.g. a cak...

Any questions?