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Bobby - Powder Duster - Birchmeier
Bobby - Powder Duster - Birchmeier
The one of a kind, small & light powder sprayer for applying PATIN-POWDER ✔︎ Easy to use - gives extremely good effects ✔︎
Bobby - the unique powder sprayer Small and light powder atomiser for applying PATIN-POWDER . So easy to use - and so effective. Professionals love it for working on the set! For lighter or stronger breaking down effects right away on...
28.95 € *
FOXY Plus - Spraying in Any Position!
FOXY Plus - Spray at Any Angle !
A real sensation - this spray bottle works as normal whether it's upright, sideways or even upside-down ✔︎ Simply the king of spray bottles ✔︎
FOXY Plus spray bottle - Sprays at any angle! A small sensation! Spraying from any orientation. FOXY Plus Spraying... upside down - above your head - sideways - horizontally - at any angle! Everybody knows the problem: If you turn a...
8.95 € *
DR 5 - Profi-Pulverzerstäuber
DR 5 - Professional Powder Duster - Birchmeier
The professional powder duster with a pressure container, meaning that it can be used to achieve many different aims ✔︎ An amazing tool ✔︎
DR 5 - the professional compressed air powder duster The Birchmeier DR 5 is a professional powder duster with compressed air connection for a wide range of usages. We recommend it for extensive patinating with our PATIN-POWDER Product...
139.95 € *
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