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Circulation UV (Boot Dryer) - ALPENHEAT
Circulation UV (Boot Dryer) - ALPENHEAT
Warms and dries boots in just a few hours - efficient & antibacterial ✔︎ The inexpensive and high quality boot dryer from Switzerland ✔︎
Modern design and maximum functionality Alpenheat Circulation gets rid of unpleasant odours whilst gently drying your shoes or boots. The built-in UV light kills bacteria that thrive in warm and moist surroundings. This practical dryer...
29.95 € *
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ALPENHEAT compactDry Ionizer (Schuhtrockner)
CompactDry Ionizer Boot Dryer - ALPENHEAT
ALPENHEAT 'CompactDry Ionizer' is a compact, lightweight dryer for footwear, gloves and other garments ✔︎ Dries within 1 hour! ✔︎
Dry your shoes quickly and gently CompactDry Ionizer is a compact, lightweight footwear and accessory dryer that dries robust and sensitive footwear alike under two hours - it's a small wonder among shoe dryers! It is light and compact...
68.95 € *
Grips: Shoe-Spikes - ALPENHEAT
ALPENHEAT GRIPS Shoe-Spikes - No more slipping on ice and snow ✔︎ The best protection that keeps you from slipping on smooth surfaces ✔︎
Grips significantly improve traction on ice and snow. High quality, rustproof spikes under the ball and heel of your foot provide excellent SLIP and FALL protection on slick surfaces. Grips stretch to fit easily over any type of shoe or...
14.95 € *
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