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Aeroxon - Giftfreie Kleidermotten-Falle
Non Toxic Clothing Moth Trap - Aeroxon
This professional moth protection is essential in the costume department! ✔︎ Protects thanks to its scent & the combats an infestation early &...
This moth trap is absolutely essential in the costume department. It acts preventively! The natural, odourless and non-toxic pheromone trap for protecting for instance clothes, carpets, curtains and upholstery, etc. Mode of action: Each...
7.45 € *
Aeroxon - Langzeit Mottenschutz
Long-Lasting Clothes Moth Protection - Aeroxon
Ready-to-use long-term moth protection for effective controlling of moths, fur beetles, black carpet beetles & their larvae ✔︎ Professional moth...
Ready to use long lasting anti moth protection to ward off moths and other parasites and their grubs from clothes, furs, carpets and rugs. Smells nicely of fresh laundry. No skin contact with the product. Usage rate control. Mode of...
7.45 € *
Aeroxon - Textilschutz Säckchen - Mottenschutz
Textile Moth Protection Scent Bags - Aeroxon
Ready to use little scent bags for immediate pest control against textile moths, carpet beetles & their larvae ✔︎ Also helps to prevent a new...
3 x 3 months moth free • Double effect: immediate protection and prevention • Fights textile moths and carpet beetles and their larvae • Prevents new infestation • Use in closets, wardrobes and garment bags • Pleasant fresh smell Use:...
6.45 € *
Aeroxon - Lavendelblüten-Beutel gegen Motten
Moth Prevention Lavender Bags - Aeroxon
Preventative control over textile moths and cabinet beetles with the pleasant scent of real provence lavender ✔︎ Professional quality ✔︎
This moth protection acts preventively and helps fight moth infestation ecologically with 100% pure lavender blossoms from the Provence without harming your health. The natural scent expels textile moths. It also acts as a protection...
3.95 € *
Aeroxon - Kleider-Mottenpapier
Clothing Moth Paper - Aeroxon
Should not be missing from any costume stock or clothing cupboard ✔︎ Gets rid of moths & their larvae ✔︎ Professional moth control low-cost from...
Use this clothing moth paper in every costume department for moth prevention. It's hard to get rid of the moths once they've nested! Description : Double pack with 10 moth papers each (2x10 papers). The odourless AEROXON Moth Paper...
3.45 € *
Aeroxon - Scent Moth Prevention
Fragrance Moth Prevention - Aeroxon
Protects textiles from textile moths for 3 months and gives off the pleasant scent of fresh laundry ✔︎ Low-cost from PATIN-A ✔︎
For 2 x 3 months free of moths • With optical consumption indicator • Pleasant, fresh scent in the wardrobe or closet • Safe protection from new infestation • Suited for wardrobes • Gives off a pleasant scent of fresh laundry Use: 1....
3.95 € *
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