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5 Skin Tone Breast-Intimacy-Kinesio Tape - K-Tape MySkin

K-Tape My Skin - in 5 skin tones ✔︎ Beige, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown & Very Dark Brown ✔︎ High quality Kinesio Tape Made in Germany ✔︎ more
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Content: 5 Running meter(s) (€2.29* / 1 Running meter(s))

Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

The K Tape in 5 perfect skin tones

Kinesio-Tapes from K-Tape are available in five natural skin tones (Beige, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown and Very Dark Brown).
The colour selection of the tapes matches all skin pigmentations - indispensable especially in the costume sector! 
These adhesive tapes are perfect for hiding tattoos under see-through clothing, taping down intimacy garments (modesty pouches), covering nipples, concealing or lifting breasts and of course for all physiotherapeutic applications.

Biviax K-Tape Skin Colour Chart / Hautfarben Farbkarte"

The most important uses of the K-Tape

• Modesty garments and intimacy coordination
With K‑Tape My Skin, special underwear for nude scenes or simulated sex scenes can be fixed (invisibly) to the body. 
The adhesive is very strong but can still be removed from hairy skin.  
Intimacy professionals like to use this tape. 

• Breast-Tape and Nipple Cover
Mit the K‑Tape My Skin, you can lift and shape the bust at low cost. The breasts stay in the right place - all day long. 
Used as nipple covers, the tape makes nipples invisible. 

• Tattoo Cover
The K-Tape is perfectly suited to conceal tattoos under see-through or sheer clothing.

• Professional dance 
There has always been a lot of taping in ballet and ballroom dancing. Thanks to the skin-coloured K‑Tape My Skin, dancers no longer have to do without the support of tapes during performances and championships.

• Pain- and physiotherapy
Kinesiotape is used for various health disorders and injuries. It stimulates the body's own healing process by providing support and stability without affecting mobility. For this reason, medical taping is often used as a complimentary treatment method. 

This is how to fix the Kinesio-Tape properly:

The use of the K-Tape is very easy.
The body parts to be taped should be free of grease. For an excellent preparation of the skin you can use e.g. Pre K Gel or the PINOFIT Pretaping Spray  (both are available in the shop).
Unroll part of the tape and cut suitable pieces with sharp scissors.  
Stretch the tape with your hands and simply tear through the paper foil. That makes it easier to remove the paper without the tape curling up.
Now place on the corresponding skin area and pull out the paper while sticking. 

K-Tape - Kinesio Tape - 5 Skin Colours

Do not accept imitations!

K‑Tape is an innovative product, known worldwide for its optimal quality and performance.
The original K‑Tape My Skin combines best raw materials with the best possible manufacturing  - perfection Made in Germany.

The cotton
Only high-quality cotton from a single supplier is used for K‑Tape My Skin. This consistent quality guarantees a fabric structure with always the same thread thickness and almost knot-free production. 

The elastic thread
K‑Tape My Skin uses an elastane thread of the highest quality. For consistent elasticity for the entire duration of use.  

The adhesive 
The wavy acrylic adhesive coating (Physiobond) is made for professional use.  
The adhesive is skin-friendly, water-resistant, permeable to perspiration and breathable. It is drug-free and contains no active ingredients.
The Physiobond adhesive contains no latex. 
Medical product class 1 / SGS tested / Basic UDI-DI: 426016822 0016K

The colours
If you stick a tape on the skin that stays up to 7 days you should be sure that the colours and the adhesive do not pose any skin or health risks. 
Only German quality colours from the company Dystar are used for the K‑Tape My Skin. Dystar products have the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 label and are approved for use in baby clothing. 

K-Tape - also a medical product 
K‑Tape My Skin is a tested and registered medical product. While most tapes on the market are only registered as sports tapes, K‑Tape My Skin meets the much higher standards of a registered medical product. K‑Tape My Skin does not contain any harmful substances, which means the skin will not be irritated and there is no discomfort for the user. 

Product information

• Colour: Beige, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown and Very Dark Brown
• skin-friendly, water-resistant, permeable to perspiration and breathable
• Material: 96% cotton, 4% elastane
• Adhesive: Physiobond professional adhesive 
• Certificate: Quality management system according to ISO 9001 - Certified by TÜV SÜD
• Size: Length x Width: 5m x 50mm / 2" x 196"
• One pack contains 1 roll
• Made in Germany

Selling unit: 1 piece


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Specjalista ds. sprzedaży i marketingu
Customer Service & Marketing Manager

Mobile: +48 608 062 109 
I e-mail: kasia@misiuro.pl

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April 16, 2022 12:06

Tolles Produkt

PATIN-A hat immer so großartige Hilfsmittel im Angebot, auf die man selbst nie gekommen wäre. Ein hautfarbenes Tape ist gerade im Kostüm so wichtig. Das Tape klebt hervorragend und kann sehr leicht wieder abgelöst werden.


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