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2 L Hot Water Bottle + Fleece Cover - Saenger

2.0 litre hot water bottle with a soft and cuddly fleece cover ✔ in 5 vivid colours ✔ 'Made in Germany' quality from Sänger ✔ Low-cost at PATIN-A ✔ more
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Content: 1 Piece

Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

Big, soft and cuddly 2 liter hot water bottle with fleece cover

Hot water bottles enclosed in wonderfully soft fleece simply feel great.  
The fleece covers are very durable and very soft. 
The covers are machine washable at 30º C.

What makes the Sänger hot water bottle one of the safest on the market?

This Sänger® hot water bottle is a one-piece rubber body and has no glued neckpiece or seams. It's one of the safest hot water bottles on the market!

• Colour: pink, red, blue, green or charcoal grey 
• Capacity: 2.0 litre
• You will find replacement stoppers for plastic or metal threads at PATIN-A.
• Manufacturer: Saenger®


• Bottle - 100% natural rubber
• Cover - 100% polyester

Selling unit: 1 piece

Why a hot water bottle?

A study explains the effect 

Hot water bottles not only give off warmth on those cold days, they can also soothe pain. Medical research has revealed that this household remedy can actually relieve from abdominal pain and period pains, just like pain killers. If the skin is warmed up to 40°C near the painful area, this activates the heat receptors of your skin which block the effect of the pain receptors.

Study conducted by University College London, Great Britain.

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December 25, 2022 10:39

bien etre

achat de bouillotte sanger.tres bonne qualité.made in germany-non made in china ouffff

March 22, 2018 10:25

Schöne Flasche

Diese Wärmflaschen sind sehr hochwertig und sehr haltbar. Ich nutze schon seit vielen Jahren nur noch Sänger Wärmflaschen, da hier Preis und Qualität stimmen. Die Fleecebezüge fühlen sich sehr gut an und lassen sich gut waschen. Ein 1a Produkt!


Replacement Stoppers (Hot Water Bottle)
These hot water bottle screw caps fit perfectly all Saenger & Prima rubber hot water bottles ✔︎ 2 x Replacement stoppers for hot water bottles ✔︎

Content: 2 Piece (€1.33* / 1 Piece)

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