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0.8 L Rubber Hot Water Bottle - Saenger

Handy and useful little children's hot water bottle to take with you everywhere ✔︎ 0.8 l hot water bottle fits in any luggage bag! ✔︎ more
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Content: 1 Piece

Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

So warm - so light

This small rubber hot water bottle is compact and light weight. You can take it with you everywhere, as it is very handy and fits into any bag.

Why is this Sänger hot water bottle particularly safe? 

This Sänger 0.8 l rubber hot water bottle is one-piece moulded - which means highest safety through seamless construction (it consists of one body without a glued neckpiece or seams as with cheaper bottles).
This is of particular importance for childrens' hot water bottles!
The bottle contains no plasticizers and is made of natural rubber. Its high elasticity makes it soft and supple and cuddly. 

What is the right treatment for my hot water bottle?

Although the Saenger hot water bottles have very high quality standards, you should always check your hot water bottle for cracks and deformations before use to prevent burns through hot water leaks.

Very important: dry the bottle upside down and store it open (you can tie the stopper to the bottle with a string - so you won’t lose it)
Since you have opted for a natural Saenger product and the Saenger hot water bottles do not contain artificial softeners but are made from air-dried rubber only, the manufacturer recommends to replace them at annual intervals (recommended by the British Standard Institute).

Anything else I should keep in mind?

Please do not fill the bottle with hot water from the tap - but from the electric kettle! It will live much longer. 

• This hot water bottle has a metal thread
• The PATIN-A Shop also carries replacement stoppers.


The capacity is 0.8 liters and the bottles are all TÜV-Germany approved. 

• Produced according to B.S. Standard 1970:2012. EN 71 approved.
• The production is certified according to ISO 9001:2008.
• Both sides of the bottle are smooth and not ribbed.
• Manufacturer: Saenger

Quality Made in Germany

Selling unit: 1 piece

Why a hot water bottle?

A survey explains the effect 

Hot water bottles not only give off warmth on those cold days, they can also soothe pain. Medical research has revealed that this household remedy can actually relieve from abdominal pain and period pains, just like pain killers. If the skin is warmed up to 40°C near the painful area, this activates the heat receptors of your skin which block the effect of the pain receptors.

Survey conducted by University College London, Great Britain.

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January 31, 2018 09:12


I wanted a well-made hot water bottle that was made out of rubber, not stinky plastic. Patin-A carries Sänger ones at a very reasonable price. They filled the order promptly and I received it in a week, which is a great delivery time from Germany to the U.S.! No smell and no leaks, and I think I'll be getting another to give to my mother!

March 8, 2017 09:12

Überzeugend und schnell

Die Wärmflasche hält, was sie verspricht. Das Material hält besonders lange warm und ist im Gegensatz zu den sonst handelsüblichen Produkten aus PVC und anderen Kunststoffen umweltverträglicher. Die Lieferzeit betrug von Bestellung bis Annahme knappe zwei Tage.


Replacement Stoppers (Hot Water Bottle)
These hot water bottle screw caps fit perfectly all Saenger & Prima rubber hot water bottles ✔︎ 2 x Replacement stoppers for hot water bottles ✔︎

Content: 2 Piece (€1.33* / 1 Piece)

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